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The Station Hotel. One of my favourite haunts within the Dudley area.

Dudley. A paranormal hotspot and also my hometown. Housing spirits that are able to move from one building to another using the forgotten underground tunnels from long ago. I have investigated some of the most haunted locations that reside in this area - and one of my all-time favourites sits at the bottom of Castle Hill, and on the corner of Trindle Road. This place is called 'The Station Hotel'

It was here, that George Formby stayed and performed free for the crowd on a balcony to cheering public in the streets below.


During 1898, a beautiful black and white building with stables was built to replace another smaller hotel in the area - they called it 'The Station Hotel.' A year later, just opposite Station, the grand Old Opera House (that the young 'Charles Chaplin' performed at) was built. This was soon destroyed by a fire, only for another to be built in its place and re-named 'The Dudley Hippodrome.' The stars that performed there on stage often stayed at the Station Hotel. These included: Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Laurel and Hardy, along with many more others. The most memorable being George Formby who gave the crowd, who had gathered outside below, a free performance from the balcony of his room.


George Williams, a local pub landlord, took on a young barmaid called Elizabeth Hitchens. Sometime later, unbeknown to William's wife, the pair embarked on a secret affair. These meetings began in the cellar where George quickly took advantage of Elizabeth to fill his own sexual desires. Elizabeth was quickly smitten with George, and believed the sweet nothings he whispered in her ears. He filled her mind with fake promises of how he would leave his wife and how they would soon be married - only for him to quickly change his mind months later when he found out she was carrying his child. George, on knowing this, instantly refused to meet with her anymore, ignoring her completely in fear of his reputation. And as the days and weeks went by, distraught Elizabeth waited for a chance to try and catch George alone so that they could speak. She grabbed the opportunity when she saw him make his way down into the cellar where she quickly followed. The discussion sadly turned into a heated argument. He threatened Elizabeth and told her not to tell anyone, but Elizabeth, worried and upset, screamed out in anger that she would tell his wife everything about their affair. George in a fit of rage grabbed her by the throat and started to strangle her to shut her up. There was a struggle, eventually breaking free, she ran for help - but before she could make it out of the cellar, George stabbed her viciously in the neck until she was dead.

One part of the cellar (which we nicknamed the rabbit run) where George would have dragged Elizabeth's lifeless body.

Needing to get rid of the body, George grabbed Elizabeth by the ankles, dragged her lifeless body through the cellar and into the barrel area. It was here, after successfully breaking her bones to make her fit, that he hid Elizabeth's body inside one of the barrels. Then nailing on the lid, he rolled it over to the barrel chute and threw her down it. Sometime later, he was said to have taken that particular barrel and bury it somewhere near the grounds of the hotel.

This crime was said to have been reported and George arrested for the

murder but he never admitted to where the body was hidden and claimed he was innocent. For if there is no body, there is no crime. Some say that George walked free and that he got away with murder, others say that he was hung by the neck until dead. For the archives where all the information was stored when doing research, had in the past had a fire and many records were destroyed. So is this fact, or is this fiction? On my investigation at Station, I spoke to the spirit of George Williams, and in numerous communication sessions, he informed me that he did exist, that he did kill Elizabeth in a fit of rage, and that he did in fact, also walk free.

Many people who have investigated the hotel have communicated with these two spirits. George Williams and Elizabeth. And George is well known by all as a nasty spirit. His characteristics show it all. He is one for playing many tricks, such as tripping people over and locking people in rooms. He has also thrown knives in the kitchen area. George does it all. He mostly dislikes people reminding him of what he did on that tragic night in the cellar and also takes a dislike to any women who refuse his advances.

Any female that George seems to take a liking too, who enters the cellar, have often complained of a hot burning sensation on their neck. George is known to do this if any visiting female refuses him. He likes the ladies. I myself made it known clearly to him on my first visit, that I disliked him very much and would not put up with any flirtatious nonsense. But what made him extremely angry with me, is that I refused to acknowledge him as George. And this sometimes made him get extremely bad-tempered with me. And I had the wonderful opportunity to experience this burning sensation on my neck from him on my first night in the cellar 8n 2007. I was stood in the barrel room with two other people when I started to feel a hot heat emanate from the left side of my neck. Upon examination, a red area could be seen and in its center sat a small scratch like mark. This mark quickly disappeared as soon as I had left the cellar. Was this George showing me what he had done to Elizabeth and letting me know he could do the same to me? Did he do this because I refused to call him by his name and also because as a female, I had also refused him as a man?

From 2007 to 2016 - our relationship over the years as I investigated the Station Hotel, eventually grew into a love and hate relationship. Love in a way that we actually started to enjoy each others company. Myself, along with George, finding it extremely funny in the things that he did to my crew. And even though some of the pranks went a little too far. I will admit, I did sometimes see the funny side. I often imagined him in my mind's eye, laughing along with me, hearing his sarcastic menacing laughter echoing in the background. But there was still the hate side that I held for him, for we still clearly disliked each other. But somehow, as I stated before, we somehow grew to enjoy each others company. And George had also warned me on a few occasions when the presence of something evil was about to make itself known to us.

Even though I know that George did do a dreadful act and has in the past harmed living people and still can and could, I honestly can say that his spirit could/can sometimes be a little positive as well as negative with his playful acts and warnings. George Williams is one of the most memorable spirit characters that I have ever come across in my time whilst investigating in the field. We now have a trust between each other - a trust that you can only build up over time - even if you did/do dislike one other. And he has built that with me and also my crew.

The top of the grand staircase that overlooks the old railway lines.

The hotel is also haunted by another George. A George Lawley who worked for the local brewery. George was also a writer and wrote about the gruesome murder that Williams had committed in a ledger that he carried with him. To this day that ledger has suspiciously disappeared and has not been found. Some have said that the ledger may be hidden in the hotel itself. George Lawley often visited the Station Hotel in his time and ate at his favourite table in the dining room. To this day, people have reported seeing the ghostly figure of a man sitting in the corner of the dining area, at a table the staff have now nicknamed George's table.

The 'haunted landing' which houses rooms 213 to 217 along with the age-old lift (which is still in use) and the 'grand staircase' are my favourite parts of this hotel.

The 'haunted landing' which houses rooms 213 to 217

It is here, on the landing, that the voices and touch of spirit children can be heard and felt. People who have stayed in the rooms have reported hearing them play. One is a little girl called Catherine, aged 7 said to have died outside when a carriage ran her down. The other, a little boy called Richard who died of an illness at the age of four. Both children are said to haunt this particular area. Many investigators, psychics/mediums and also guests just staying over for a spooky adventurous night have all stated that they have encountered strange happenings, seen lights, heard voices, complained of being touched and shoved in this part of the building. Their experiences can be seen in a book that the hotel have behind their desk which people (when staying at the hotel, if they wish) can write down what they have experienced.

Snapshot of one of the pages taken from one of the guest books.

One report was made from staff about room 213, when guests who were staying overnight on the floor below, was complaining about a banging noise in the room above them and that they couldn't sleep. They had asked the staff if they could kindly tell the occupants of that room to keep it down. But on looking at their reservation lists, they found that no one had booked into room 213 on the haunted landing that night. This puzzled the staff who decided to go up and take a look. They were shocked by their findings. On opening the door and inspecting the room, they found that the wardrobe had been completely turned upside down. They checked the room from top to bottom but could found no one inside. They also knew that no one would be able to get in as the windows were locked and the staff had the only keys. After leaving the room, no more strange noise could be heard that night.

In room 214, a woman is said to stand by the window. Is this Elizabeth? Or is it someone else? Whoever she is, why is she still there... is she waiting for someone? No one really knows. But she has been seen and said to walk through the walls passing through each of the bedrooms. But it also in this room that poltergeist activity is said to happen. For this is the room that the famous footage of the shaking bed was caught.

But there is also something else that lurks inside of the Station Hotel's walls - something dark and extremely evil. It rarely makes an appearance - but when it does, it certainly knows how to make its presence known - it leaves an excruciating foul smell. A mixture of sulphur and toilet waste. For this is what we (myself and my crew) encountered a few times And it was not very pleasant. I had spoken once to Ian Lawman (Exorcist and Psychic Medium) at Dudley Castle who told me of his visit to Station prior to mine and had stated himself and warned of the evil that lurked within.

We now as a team regard Station as a big part of our lives. The building, its walls, and its spirits have spoken to us freely. They have put their emotions on us, let us feel their pain and anger. They have followed us home, putting myself and my team through hell. But they have also gained our trust and we theirs. They've become a part of us. Giving us memories of paranormal encounters that will never fade... and for that, we are truly thankful.


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~ Tania Louise x

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