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FIELD RESEARCH: Spiritual signs of a loved one

I believe that when a person dies, they can either stay or move on. If they choose to stay it could be because of a number of reasons. Attachment to a person or a material item etc. But if they do cross, a spirit can choose to contact us in a number of ways to let us know that they are ok and I believe that they can do this...

Feathers: One of the most common signs of spirit and angel communication.

Scent - I have noted it as the first one on the list as it has been reported by many people who I have spoken to that they recognize this as a sign from a loved one that they are around. People have told me about perfumes that they recognize, that have occasionally lingered around the house and no one else uses it or has ever used it, only grandma, who has now been dead for over 6 years. Others may include cigar smoke, flowers and home made cookies. These are just a few things that a loved one can use just to let you know that they are there.

Feeling their presence - Many have reported feeling a presence of a loved one. This is sometimes accompanied by emotions of crying or laughter.

Touch - When something brushes past you, a feeling of something touching your back, stroking of your face. Any one of these can be a notification that a loved one can connect to you in ways of comfort.

Voice - This you can either hear by thought (inside your head, internally) or externally (outside) as if they are in the same room with you. Me, I have experienced both.

Objects moving - Things falling over (pictures etc) misplaced items that you placed on a table in the hall only to find them in the kitchen.

Apparition - Yes, it has been reported. Loved ones have appeared to family members at their time of death. People have also stated seeing deceased loved ones years later after their death. Full bodied, head or just the torso.

Dreams - Said to be the most common way to be visited by Spirit or a spirit guide. The dream(s) will contain light, whether it being in the form of rays or white rooms, clothing, etc, but it will be bright.

Music - How many times have you thought about a loved one and then moments later a melody or song comes on the radio or television? Coincidence? Electricity is said to be a big help to those on the other side.

Electricity - Telephone communication, alarm clocks going off, television changing channel or switching off, lights flickering or blowing, radio station changing/interference, doorbell ringing, computer curser moving on its own. Even reports of text messages are said to have come across strange.

The small signs - Feathers, coins, birds, butterflies, symbols and numbers are just a few of the things that will cross your path.

So if you do get some signs and you are wondering why you are getting them, don't worry. They have just probably popped by to check in on you, to comfort you in bad times, or there's a celebration coming up. Maybe it's just to say 'hi' and let you know that they're ok too. We do it all the time to our living family and friends, so what's wrong with the otherside doing it?

Have you experienced a loved one? Have you seen a sign?

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Thanks for reading.

~ Tania Louise x

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