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Never in my life-time as an investigator in the field did I expect things to go as wrong as they did at Cadeby.

Over the years as a paranormal investigator, I've investigated many locations. Some of these locations included a few tunnels. Tunnels such as railway tunnels, canal tunnels and even the odd underground tunnel. Tunnels that were said to be haunted by spirits that can either interact with us or with residuals that cannot. Sometimes I've encountered nothing at all and instead found myself cold and aching from sitting around for hours on damp floors, or to be leaning against a slimy wet wall only to find myself covered with spiders. But never in my life-time as an investigator in the field did I expect things to go as wrong as they did at Cadeby. Sure enough Cadeby Tunnel is (in my opinion) cursed.

The Eastern Portal side of Cadeby Tunnel


Cadeby Tunnel was built for the South Yorkshire Railway Company in 1849 to shift coal. It can be found hidden away behind trees and thick overgrown bushes next to a quarry in Doncaster. The Western entrance can still be accessed, but you have to clamber down a bit of a bank to get to it as it was back-filled when it closed in the early 1970's.


A young gypsy girl was said to have used the tunnel as a quick route to the quarry to sell rags to the local collier men. But on one unfortunate day, after reaching the centre of the tunnel, she suddenly heard the sound of a train approaching. Panicking, the young girl quickly ran to hide in one of the recesses but as she did, she accidentally dropped her bag of rags. Turning around and reaching down to pick them back up, it was then that tragedy struck and she was killed by the train. All the locals gathered together with the family to search for the missing girl after she had not returned home. They searched everywhere until they finally found what was left of her body at the Cadeby Tunnel. Many over the years have reported seeing and hearing a young girl near the tunnel. And it is said that if you stand in one of the recesses in the centre of the tunnel and call out her name three times "Mexborough Ragger. Mexborough Ragger. Mexborough Ragger." you would then see her apparition walk past. Also, there is talk of a curse. A curse that the child's grandmother was said to have placed upon anyone that dared to ever speak or call out her dead grandchild's name. People who have visited the tunnel often leave gifts for the girl as a mark of respect. Some say they leave gifts so not to be left cursed after calling out for the Mexborough Ragger. Many of the gifts which are left are mostly dolls.

Tyres and all sorts of debris cover the floor

Other sightings reported are that of a policeman, dark shadows by the Western Portal , a miner, voices caught on EVP, lights and also a negative presence near the centre.

I give my thanks to a fellow paranormal brother in the field Dean Buckley and his partner in crime Medium Veronica Extance for showing me this little gem of a location. For if it wasn't for them, I would never have known it existed.

I also collaborated with Dean and Vee along with another investigator Charlie Girl to explore the tunnel. You can check that footage out below or go to my channel on Youtube.

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