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JOURNAL ENTRY | FALSTAFFS... A most 'Haunted Finders' Experience!

The original cobble stone floor would have once been walked on by Shakespeare himself.

I have investigated the Falstaff's Experience on more than one occasion with my crew in tow, and was more than satisfied with this location that I had no need to investigate it any further. Until now. This was mostly due to the fact that I wanted to meet the 'The Haunted Finders' crew, who are led by 'Tom Buckmaster' (or as we have now nicknamed him - The Buckmeister)

With Dave from Haunted Finders

I've followed these guys for some time and have now took a shine to them. I find them very passionate (especially Tom) about the field. In person we found them extremely funny, having an awesome sense of humor and they were really down to earth guys. In fact, I found that they were a lot like us and we all hit it off immediately. Dave was hilarious, Kev' also, and Tom... Tom also had his funny moments too but was actually a lot quieter than his counterparts and also may I add, he is extremely tall.

John giving us a tour of Falstaffs before the investigation.

John Ford (who runs Falstaffs) took us around for a tour of the place as things had been re-arranged since we had last been there. He also gave us a the location's history along with some ghostly stories. He was (and still is) as wonderful as ever.

Knocks were heard when I was calling out for the doctor.

The investigation on the night was interesting, we had knocks that came from the plague room, fluctuations on devices, and we also experienced activity on one of the flight of stairs which spooked out Tom, giving us a highlighted moment in which everyone was laughing, except for Tom himself. But overall, the night was really enjoyable and I would definitely join up with these guys again.

With the Haunted Finders crew

Watch the video below of the investigation on our 'PGS' Youtube channel.

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